List of Artists


List of Artists

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Diva Art is about artists and thoughts they capture. We have created a digital window to the best works of eras ruled by reverent names. Pablo Picasso, Markus Pierson, Lella Pissarro, Salvador Dali, Mark Ericsson. Sculptors who are leading thinkers of contemporary art are the alternate attraction we hold. Frederick Hart, Erte, Mark Kostabi are some of the prominent names we work with and proudly display on our windows. You can name an artist and find his/her works in our alphabetically arranged gallery. They are our pride, we exhibit them and ensure each of our visitor reach their desired artist in easiest way.

Your gateway to fine art by your favorite artists since 1993


Our most popular artists are Philippe Bertho; Graciela Rodo Boulanger; Mihail Chemiakin; Adrian Deckbar; Erte; Frederick Hart; Max Karp ; Mark Kostabi; Vladmir Kush; Richard MacDonald; Peter Max; LeRoy Neiman; Orlando A.B; H. Claude Pissarro; Lelia Pissarro; Blue Dog Artist George Rodrigue; Royo; Sergey Smirnov; Dr Seuss; Rufino Tamayo; Antoni Tapies; Jiang Tie-Feng, Ting Shao Kuang; Tuan Nguyen; Todd White and Joanna Zjawinska,

Please do not hesitate to inquire about your favorite artist. Our mission consists, not only of price, but also of Diva Art Group's signature world-class service. Repeat customers and referrals however are only a part of our motivation to deliver this service, every time, without fail. Word of mouth perpetuates the cycle. Your happiness is our success.

Consider Diva Art Group, your source for the best value on fine art works by your favorite artists. We help you acquire the art you want with the service you deserve, at a price you will enjoy. We appreciate your visit today, and look forward to serving you.

Latest Updates for August 2016

New Releases

"Swirls of Snowy Magic" Hand-Deckled Giclée on Paper by Lorelay Bové

"Swirls of Snowy Magic"

Bové, Lorelay
"Long Live The King" Digital Print on Paper by Michael Bryan

"Long Live The King"

Bryan, Michael

New Consigned Artwork

"Garden Party" Original Oil on Canvas by Willi Bauer

"Garden Party"

Bauer, Willie
"Altamar" Lithograph on Arches Paper by Graciela Rodo Boulanger


Boulanger, Graciela Rodo
"Long Live The King" Original Acrylic on Canvas by Michael Bryan

"Long Live The King"

Bryan, Michael
"Early Black Immigrants" Bronze Sculpture by Ed Dwight

"Early Black Immigrants"

Dwight, Ed
Heat Bronze Sculpture by Erte for sale


Erte (Sculptures)
"Bamboo" Bronze Sculpture by Erte for sale


Erte (Sculptures)
"Timbuktu Royal  Drummers" Original Oil on Canvas by Tafa Fiadzigbe

"Timbuktu Royal Drummers"

Fiadzigbe, Tafa
"Untitled" Seascape Original Oil on Canvas by Marshall Merritt

"Untitled" Seascape

Merritt, Marshall
"Haymaker" Les Faneuses c 1890 etching by Camille Pissarro

"Haymakers" Les Faneuses c 1890

Pissarro, Camille

New Reduced Artwork

"Fantasy Earrings, State I" Fine Art To Wear Jewelry by Erte

"Fantasy” Earrings” State I 30/500

Erte (Jewelry, Objects, Gouache & Books)
"Rayonnement Ring, State VIII" Fine Art to Wear Ring from Erte

"Rayonnement” Earrings, State IX and Ring, State VIII

Erte (Jewelry, Objects, Gouache & Books)
"Rayonnement Earrings” State IX  Fine Art To Wear Earrings by Erte

"Rayonnement Earrings” State IX

Erte (Jewelry, Objects, Gouache & Books)
"Rayonnement Ring” State VIII Fine Art to Wear Ring by Erte

"Rayonnement Ring” State VIII

Erte (Jewelry, Objects, Gouache & Books)
"Foxes Ring, State III" Fine Art to Wear Ring by Erte

"Foxes Ring State III"

Erte (Jewelry, Objects, Gouache & Books)
"Statue of Liberty, Day" embossed serigraph with foil stamping by Erte

"Statue of Liberty, Day"

Erte (Limited Editions on Paper)
"Devotion" Limited Edition Serigraph by Erte


Erte (Limited Editions on Paper)
"Kryptonite" AP Serigraph on Deckled Paper by Mark Kostabi

"Kryptonite" AP 1991

Kostabi, Mark
"Diana, Earth & Moon" Bronze Sculpture by Richard MacDonald

"Diana Earth & Moon”

MacDonald, Richard
"Liberty Head #3" Original Acrylic on Canvas by Peter Max

Liberty Head #3

Max, Peter
"The Blossoming" Etching from the Seven Dreams Suite by Peter Max

"Seven Dreams" Suite

Max, Peter
"Beauty" Serigraph/Arches Paper by Peter Max


Max, Peter
"Fauve" Serigraph/Arches Paper by Peter Max


Max, Peter
"Beauty" Serigraph/Arches Paper by Peter Max

"Beauty & Fauve Suite"

Max, Peter
"I Love The World" Bronze Sculpture by Peter Max

"I Love The World" Bronze

Max, Peter
"Cafe de la Paix" Serigraph by LeRoy Neiman

"Cafe de la Paix" 1980

Neiman, LeRoy
"Irish-American Bar" Serigraph by LeRoy Neiman

"Irish American Bar" 1979

Neiman, LeRoy
"Affirmed & Spectucular Bid (Race of the Year) Serigraph by LeRoy Neiman

"Affirmed and Spectacular Bid (Race of the Year)"1980

Neiman, LeRoy
"American Bald Eagle" Serigraph by LeRoy Neiman

"American Bald Eagle" 1970

Neiman, LeRoy
"Shikar" Serigraph by LeRoy Neiman

"Shikar" 1980

Neiman, LeRoy
"Stud Poker" Serigraph by LeRoy Neiman

"Stud Poker" 1980

Neiman, LeRoy
"Cafe de Flore de Nuit" Serigraph by Leroy Neiman

"Cafe de Flore de Nuit" 1980

Neiman, LeRoy
"REFLECTIONS"   Original watercolor by Leonardo Nierman


Nierman, Leonardo
"Hanayome Purity" Mixed Media graphic by Hisashi Otsuka

"Hanayome Purity"

Otsuka, Hisashi
"Don't be Cruel" Original Oil on Canvas by Colleen Ross

"Don't be Cruel"

Ross, Colleen

Recently Featured Artists

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