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List of Artists

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Diva Art Group has created a digital window to works of artists like Pablo Picasso; Frederick Hart; Lelia Pissarro; Erte; Todd White; Dr. Seuss; Mark Kostabi and many more.. You may find our listed artist's works alphabetically arranged in our gallery on the Art For Sale page, or in our Search field. We hope that this makes your search easier.

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Our most popular artists are Philippe Bertho; Graciela Rodo Boulanger; Mihail Chemiakin; Adrian Deckbar; Erte; Frederick Hart; Max Karp ; Mark Kostabi; Vladmir Kush; Richard MacDonald; Peter Max; LeRoy Neiman; Orlando A.B; H. Claude Pissarro; Lelia Pissarro; Blue Dog Artist George Rodrigue; Royo; Sergey Smirnov; Dr Seuss; Rufino Tamayo; Antoni Tapies; Jiang Tie-Feng, Ting Shao Kuang; Tuan Nguyen; Todd White and Joanna Zjawinska,

Please do not hesitate to inquire about your favorite artist. Our mission consists, not only of price, but also of Diva Art Group's signature world-class service. Repeat customers and referrals however, are only a part of our motivation to deliver this service, every time, without fail. Word of mouth perpetuates the cycle. Your happiness is our success.

Consider Diva Art Group, your source for the best value on fine art works by your favorite artists. We help you acquire the art you want, with the service you deserve, at a price you will enjoy. We appreciate your visit today, and look forward to serving you.

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Featured Artists

Erte (Jewelry, Objects, Gouache & Books)

Erte (Limited Editions on Paper)

Erte (Sculptures)

Hart, Frederick

Kaufman, Steve

MacDonald, Richard

Max, Peter

Orlando, A.B.

Parkes, Michael

Ross, Colleen

Seuss, Dr.

Vargas, Alberto

New Releases

"Black Widow" Northrop P-61C Black Widow Night fighter Original Hand-Worked Aluminum painting by Michael Bryan

"Black Widow" Northrop P-61C Night fighter

Bryan, Michael
"Cutthroat XXI" Fishing Giclee on Canvas by A D Maddox

"Cutthroat XXI"

Maddox, A.D.
"Green River Series 5" Giclee on Canvas by AD Maddox

"Green River Series 5"

Maddox, A.D.
"Green River Series 6" Giclee on Canvas by AD Maddox

"Green River Series 6"

Maddox, A.D.
"Green River Series 8" Giclee on Canvas by AD Maddox

"Green River Series 8"

Maddox, A.D.
"Henry's Fork Brown" Fishing Giclee on Canvas by A D Maddox

"Henry's Fork Brown"

Maddox, A.D.
"Intermission" Hand Embellished Giclee on Hand Textured Canvas by Irene Sheri


Sheri, Irene
"Life and Art" Hand-Embellished Giclee on Hand-Textured Canvas by Irene Sheri

"Life and Art"

Sheri, Irene
"Lion of the Sea" Limited Edition Print by Michael Bryan

"Lion of the Sea"

Bryan, Michael
"Love Blooms" Giclee on Hand Textured Canvas by Irene Sheri

"Love Blooms"

Sheri, Irene
"Rainbow Rise II" Giclee on Canvas by A D Maddox

"Rainbow Rise II"

Maddox, A.D.
"Rainbow XXII" Fishing Giclee on Canvas by A D Maddox

"Rainbow XXII"

Maddox, A.D.
"Texas Ranger" Giclee on Paper, Canvas or Aluminum by Michael Bryan

"Texas Ranger"

Bryan, Michael
"Venise Éclatante" Serigraph on Canvas by Francois Fressinier

"Venise Éclatante"

Fressinier, Francois
"Warm Reflections" Hand-Embellished Giclee on Hand-Textured Canvas by Irene Sheri

"Warm Reflections"

Sheri, Irene

New Consigned Artwork

"In The Evening" Bronze Sculpture by Erte

"In The Evening"

Erte (Sculptures)
"Lion of the Sea" Original Mixed Media on Hand Worked Aluminum by Michael Bryan

"Lion of the Sea"

Bryan, Michael
"Startled" Limited Edition Serigraph by Joanna Zjawinska


Zjawinska, Joanna
"The Aspen Ace" Original Oil on Canvas by Paul Blaine Henrie

"The Aspen Ace"

Henrie, Paul Blaine
Walter Farndon Untitled Original double sided Oil on Board painting


Farndon, Walter
Hand-Blown Glass on Machined Airplane Grade Aluminum

"Untitled" Hand-Blown Floral Glass Sculpture on Aluminum Mount

Orr, Michael

New Reduced Artwork

"Billiards" Giclee by Aldo Luongo


Luongo, Aldo
"Christ Rising" Bronze Sculpture by Frederick Hart

"Christ Rising" 1998

Hart, Frederick
"Clown's Clown" Serigraph on Canvas by Red Skelton

"Clown's Clown"

Skelton, Red
"Daughter" from the 'Daughters of Odessa - Trilogy Bronze Sculpture by Frederick Hart

"Daughters of Odessa - Trilogy"

Hart, Frederick
"Creation of Day" from the "Ex Nihilo Creation Series Maquettes Bronze Sculptures by Frederick Hart

"Ex Nihilo - Creation Series Maquettes"

Hart, Frederick
"Ex Nihilo Fragment 4" Bronze Sculpture by Frederick Hart

"Ex Nihilo Fragment 4" 2009

Hart, Frederick
"I Love The World" Serigraph by Peter Max

"I Love The World"

Max, Peter
"I Love The World" Serigraph on paper by Peter Max

"I Love The World"

Max, Peter
"Kiss of Fire" Bronze Sculpture by Erte available from Diva Art Group

"Kiss of Fire"

Erte (Sculptures)
"Masquerade" Serigraph on Canvas by Sergey Smirnov


Smirnov, Sergey
"Odalisque" Serigraph by Joanna Zjawinska

"Odalisque" 1995

Zjawinska, Joanna
"Serene" Bronze Sculpture by Tom & Bob Bennett


Bennett, Bob & Tom
"Sophisticated Lady" 1980 Bronze Sculpture by Erte

"Sophisticated Lady" 1980

Erte (Sculptures)
"The Pledge" double-signed Serigraph on Canvas by Red Skelton

"The Pledge"

Skelton, Red
"The Source - Bust" Bronze Sculpture by Frederick Hart

"The Source - Bust"

Hart, Frederick
"The Wedding" Bronze Sculpture by Erte

"The Wedding"

Erte (Sculptures)
"Untitled Landscape" Original Oil on Canvas by Willi Bauer

"Untitled Landscape"

Bauer, Willi
"Warmth" Original Acrylic on Canvas by Aldo Luongo

"Warmth" 1984

Luongo, Aldo
"When the Lights Are Low" Original Oil on Canvas by Colleen Ross

"When the Lights Are Low"

Ross, Colleen
“Red Pepper" Lithograph by R C Gorman

“Red Peppers”

Gorman, R.C.


After 10 years, Michael Parkes work acquired

I am so pleased from start to finish, working with Sandy from Diva Art Group. For a decade I have been looking for very specific work and after two months of working with Sandy I am the proud owner of an exceptional piece, that will have a place of honor in my home, for as long as I do. Her quick communication over phone or email, her ability to find excellent options and verify authenticity, made this one of my most satisfying purchases.

Buyer AVE in MO, USA
Erte "Printemps" Serigraph

I have purchased from Sandy/Diva Art Group a few times over the years. Her service and prices have always been outstanding. This is the first time selling through Sandy, and she made the whole process a piece of cake. Thank you Sandy!

Seller DZ in IN, USA
David & Max Karp Collector

As a serious art collector, I look to Sandy for advice and vetted artworks. Because of the expertise provided, I have purchased five pieces and each time I believe Sandy represented the seller with the utmost honesty and integrity. I will continue to look to this dealer for future acquisitions.

Buyer JE in NV, USA
Another Erte Bronze SOLD

I sold my Erte Bronze “Two Vamps” through Diva Art Group, They were very professional and the transaction went smoothly between the buyer and myself. I would highly recommend this gallery and its owner Sandy Maghan.

I have another Erte, a serigraph "Hearts II, Red” that is listed by Diva Art. I have complete confidence and await further correspondence with Diva Art Group regarding this work.

Seller DR in RI, USA
Return Bronze Sculpture Buyer AND Seller testimonial

“I first worked with Sandy about 5 years ago when I was looking for a Richard MacDonald piece. She found one for me and kept to my budget. Since then I have dealt with her twice more - first as a seller and then as a buyer - and found her responsive and helpful. She also has given me real estate tips regarding her old hometowns. I would recommend dealing with Sandy anytime.

Buyer & Seller PHW in Singapore
Melanie Taylor Kent "Main Street Electric Parade" replaced as a remembrance

Sandy was a great listener and provided prompt expert guidance in finding the item that was perfect for us.

Dr. Seuss "Green Eggs & Ham" Travels the Eastern Seaboard

“Working with Sandy was not only a seamless and professional process but also a pleasure, as she’s a lovely person who really cares about both parties achieving a positive experience. I hope to continue to both buy and sell art through her and Diva Art Group.”

Seller BW in NY, USA
Dr. Seuss "Sawfish" Cast Resin Sculpture

The transaction was very easy and the item arrived in perfect condition.

Buyer JP in NY, USA

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