List of Artists


List of Artists

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Diva Art is about artists and thoughts they capture. We have created a digital window to the best works of eras ruled by reverent names. Pablo Picasso, Markus Pierson, Lella Pissarro, Salvador Dali, Mark Ericsson. Sculptors who are leading thinkers of contemporary art are the alternate attraction we hold. Frederick Hart, Erte, Mark Kostabi are some of the prominent names we work with and proudly display on our windows. You can name an artist and find his/her works in our alphabetically arranged gallery. They are our pride, we exhibit them and ensure each of our visitor reach their desired artist in easiest way.

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Our most popular artists are Philippe Bertho; Graciela Rodo Boulanger; Mihail Chemiakin; Adrian Deckbar; Erte; Frederick Hart; Max Karp ; Mark Kostabi; Vladmir Kush; Richard MacDonald; Peter Max; LeRoy Neiman; Orlando A.B; H. Claude Pissarro; Lelia Pissarro; Blue Dog Artist George Rodrigue; Royo; Sergey Smirnov; Dr Seuss; Rufino Tamayo; Antoni Tapies; Jiang Tie-Feng, Ting Shao Kuang; Tuan Nguyen; Todd White and Joanna Zjawinska,

Please do not hesitate to inquire about your favorite artist. Our mission consists, not only of price, but also of Diva Art Group's signature world-class service. Repeat customers and referrals however are only a part of our motivation to deliver this service, every time, without fail. Word of mouth perpetuates the cycle. Your happiness is our success.

Consider Diva Art Group, your source for the best value on fine art works by your favorite artists. We help you acquire the art you want with the service you deserve, at a price you will enjoy. We appreciate your visit today, and look forward to serving you.

Latest Updates for August 2016

New Releases

"Alana" Digital pigment print on archival canvas by Douglas Hofmann


Hofmann, Douglas
"Alchemy" digital pigment print on archival canvas by Douglas Hofmann


Hofmann, Douglas
"Bird of Paradise" digital pigment print on archival canvas by Douglas Hofmann

"Bird Of Paradise"

Hofmann, Douglas
Birdie Sopwith Camel

"Birdie" Sopwith Camel

Bryan, Michael
"Le Vent Dans Les Voiles" Digital Print with Hand-Made Serigraph Texture Plates by Francois Fressinier

"Le Vent Dans Les Voiles

Fressinier, Francois
"No More Wire Hangovers" Serigraph on Canvas by Tennessee Loveless

"No More Wire Hangovers"

Loveless, Tennessee
"Spirit of America" Bronze Sculpture by Laran Ghiglieri

"Spirit of America"

Ghiglieri, Laran

New Consigned Artwork

"Ascension" original acrylic on canvas by Nathan Spoor


Spoor, Nathan
"Birdie, Sopwith Camel" original on Aluminum by Michael Bryan

"Birdie" Sopwith Camel

Bryan, Michael
"By The River" Original Acrylic on Canvas by Slobodan Paunovic

"By The River"

Paunovic, Slobodan
"Campfire With the Boys" Original Enamel on Copper by Max Karp

"Campfire With the Boys"

Karp, Max
"Composition Floral" Original Oil on canvas by Alexandre Minguet

"Composition Floral" 1960

Minguet, Alexandre
"Cross of the Millenium" Acrylic Sculpture by Frederick Hart

"Cross of the Millenium" State II

Hart, Frederick
"Daughters Of Odessa" 1/3 Life Size Bronze Sculptures by Frederick Hart

"Daughters of Odessa" 1/3 Life

Hart, Frederick
"Deco Lady 83" Lithograph by Peter Max

"Deco Lady 83"

Max, Peter
Fantasy Lady

"Fantasy Lady"

Max, Peter
"Fleurs Estivales" Original Oil on Canvas by Alexandre Minguet

"Fleurs Estivales"

Minguet, Alexandre
"Flowers and Belgrade" Original acrylic on canvas by Slobodan Paunovic

"Flowers in Blue Vase and Belgrade"

Paunovic, Slobodan
"Golf Winners" Serigraph by LeRoy Neiman

"Golf Winners'

Neiman, LeRoy
I Love the World Bronze Sculpture by Peter Max

"I Love The World"

Max, Peter
"Ladies Night" Giclee on Canvas by Clifford Bailey

"Ladies Night"

Bailey, Clifford
"Lady With Flowers" Lithograph by Peter Max

"Lady With Flowers"

Max, Peter
"Sawfish" Estate Authorized Hand-Painted Cast Resin Sculpture by Dr. Seuss


Seuss, Dr.
"Skating At Christmas" Original Enamel on Copper by Max Karp

"Skating at Christmas"

Karp, Max
"Bird's Nest" Original Enamel on Copper by Max Karp

"The Bird's Nest"

Karp, Max
"The Source" 1/2 Life Size Bronze Sculpture and Fountain by Frederick Hart

"The Source" 1/2 Life Size

Hart, Frederick
"Un Paso" Acrylligraph on Paper by Byron Galvez

"Un Paso"

Byron (Galvez)

New Reduced Artwork

Avec Seine Pont Neuf, Paris Original Acrylic on Canvas by Slobodan Paunovic

"Avec Seine Pont Neuf, Paris"

Paunovic, Slobodan
"Brooklyn Bridge" Limited Edition Serigraph by LeRoy Neiman

"Brooklyn Bridge"

Neiman, LeRoy
"Crescent Bay" Serigraph by Thomas McKnight

"Crescent Bay"

McKnight, Thomas
Michael Jordan double signed serigraph by LeRoy Neiman

"Michael Jordan"

Neiman, LeRoy
Time Square NYC 80's Original Acrylic painting on Canvas by Slobodan Paunovic

"Time Square NYC 80's"

Paunovic, Slobodan
Sea Shore of Brittany Original Watercolor by Alexandre Minguet

"Vue de Trevignon de Raguenes (Sea Shore of Brittany" 1970

Minguet, Alexandre
"Wolf In a Suite" Framed Original Oil on Canvas by Todd White

"Wolf in a Suit"

White, Todd
"Liberty Head #3" Original Acrylic on Canvas by Peter Max

Liberty Head #3

Max, Peter

Recently Featured Artists

Chagall, Marc

Deckbar, Adrian

Erte (Sculptures)

Hart, Frederick

Karp, Max

MacDonald, Richard

Max, Peter

Neiman, LeRoy

Paunovic, Slobodan

Seuss, Dr.

Ting, Shao Kuang

White, Todd