List of Artists


List of Artists

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Diva Art Group has created a digital window to works of artists like Pablo Picasso; Frederick Hart; Lelia Pissarro; Erte; Todd White; Dr. Seuss; Mark Kostabi and many more.. You may find our listed artist's works alphabetically arranged in our gallery on the Art For Sale page, or in our Search field. We hope that this makes your search easier.

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Our most popular artists are Philippe Bertho; Graciela Rodo Boulanger; Mihail Chemiakin; Adrian Deckbar; Erte; Frederick Hart; Max Karp ; Mark Kostabi; Vladmir Kush; Richard MacDonald; Peter Max; LeRoy Neiman; Orlando A.B; H. Claude Pissarro; Lelia Pissarro; Blue Dog Artist George Rodrigue; Royo; Sergey Smirnov; Dr Seuss; Rufino Tamayo; Antoni Tapies; Jiang Tie-Feng, Ting Shao Kuang; Tuan Nguyen; Todd White and Joanna Zjawinska,

Please do not hesitate to inquire about your favorite artist. Our mission consists, not only of price, but also of Diva Art Group's signature world-class service. Repeat customers and referrals however, are only a part of our motivation to deliver this service, every time, without fail. Word of mouth perpetuates the cycle. Your happiness is our success.

Consider Diva Art Group, your source for the best value on fine art works by your favorite artists. We help you acquire the art you want, with the service you deserve, at a price you will enjoy. We appreciate your visit today, and look forward to serving you.

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Featured Artists

Garcia, Rick

Lassen, Christian Riese

Snowden, M. L.

Max, Peter

Erte (Jewelry, Objects, Gouache & Books)

Ghiglieri, Laran

Ghiglieri, Lorenzo


Karp, Max

White, Todd

Seuss, Dr.

Luongo, Aldo

New Releases

Birdie Sopwith Camel

"Birdie" Sopwith Camel

Bryan, Michael
"Salmon Snack" Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas by A D Maddox

"Salmon Snack"

Maddox, A.D.
"Lightning Rise" a limited edition giclee on canvas by A D Maddox

"Lightning Rise"

Maddox, A.D.
"Took The One" limited edition giclee on canvas by A D Maddox

"Took The One"

Maddox, A.D.
"El Sargento" a Limited edition fly fishing Giclee on Canvas by A D Maddox

"El Sargento"

Maddox, A.D.
"Golden Catch" Limited Edition Giclee on Paper by AD Maddox

"Golden Catch"

Maddox, A.D.
"Rise Series #8" Limited Edition Giclee on Paper by AD Maddox

"Rise Series #*"

Maddox, A.D.

New Consigned Artwork

"By The River" Original Acrylic on Canvas by Slobodan Paunovic

"By The River"

Paunovic, Slobodan
Dr. Pepper Original Lithograph

"Dr. Pepper" circa 1922-23

I Love the World Limited Edition Serigraph by Peter Max

"I Love The World"

Max, Peter
"Night at Nic's" Original Oil on Canvas Painting by Todd White

"Night at Nic's"

White, Todd
Firedancer bronze sculpture by Erte

"Fire Dancer"

Erte (Sculptures)
"CLEAR HEARTS, GREY FLOWERS" Giclee on Canvas by Mark Ryden

"Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers" 7/100

Ryden, Mark
"Reposo" Original Oil on Canvas Painting by Royo


"Sexy Strawberry" giclee by Michael Godard

"Sexy Strawberry"

Godard, Michael
"Perfume" Bronze Sculpture by Erte


Erte (Sculptures)
"Heaven's Path" Lassengraph by Christian Riese Lassen

"Heaven's Path"

Lassen, Christian Riese
"Sweet Thoughts" Original Oil on Canvas by Pino Daeni

"Sweet Thoughts"


New Reduced Artwork

"Tower of Babel" Serigraph on panel by Dr. Seuss

"Tower of Babel"

Seuss, Dr.
"Amants" bronze sculpture by Erte


Erte (Sculptures)
Untitled Original Oil on Canvas by Aldo Luongo


Luongo, Aldo
"Double Eagle" Bronze Sculpture by Laran Ghiglieri

"Double Eagle"

Ghiglieri, Laran
"Bieres de la Meuse, State I" Lithograph on Paper by Douglas Hofmann

"Bieres de la Meuse, State I"

Hofmann, Douglas
"Lust" Serigraph from the Seven Deadly Sins Suite by Erte

"Lust" 1983

Erte (Limited Editions on Paper)
"Flowers In Brown" Lithograph by Peter Max

"Flowers in Brown" 1978

Max, Peter
Flying Colors II

"Flying Colors II"

Ghiglieri, Lorenzo
"Pikes Peak In Winter" original acrylic on Canvas by Tom Dooley

"Pikes Peak In Winter"

Dooley, Tom
Primitive Force Bronze sculpture by Lorenzo Ghiglieri

"Primitive Force"

Ghiglieri, Lorenzo
"Maxims" Serigraph by Joanna Zjawinska

"Maxims" 1993

Zjawinska, Joanna
"Masquerade" Serigraph by Joanna Zjawinska

"Masquerade" 1984

Zjawinska, Joanna
"Cafe Reggio" Serigraph by Joanna Zjawinska

"Cafe Reggio" 1990

Zjawinska, Joanna
"Costume Egyptien" November 1934 Original Gouache by Erte

"Costume Egyptien" November 1934

Erte (Jewelry, Objects, Gouache & Books)
"La Danseuse" Bronze Sculpture by Erte

"La Danseuse"

Erte (Sculptures)
"Monsieur de Busseroles" 1936 Original Goauche by Erte

"Monsieur de Busseroles" 1936

Erte (Jewelry, Objects, Gouache & Books)
"Le Flambeau" Bronze Candlestick with Patina by Erte

"Le Flambeau"

Erte (Jewelry, Objects, Gouache & Books)
"Two Vamps" Bronze Sculpture by Erte

"Two Vamps"

Erte (Sculptures)
"Aventurine" State IV Pendant Necklace by Erte

"Aventurine" State IV Pendant Necklace

Erte (Jewelry, Objects, Gouache & Books)
"Beloved" State V Brooch by Erte

"Beloved State V" Brooch

Erte (Jewelry, Objects, Gouache & Books)
"Viento de la Vante" Original Oil on Canvas by Royo

"Viento de le Vante"

"The Royal Family" Serigraph by LeRoy Neiman

"The Royal Family"

Neiman, LeRoy
"Beach House With Boats" original oil on canvas by Steve Barton

"Beach House With Boats"

Barton, Steve
“Beach” Original oil on canvas painting by Steve Barton


Barton, Steve