Pablo Picasso Bio

Pablo Picasso, Spanish (1881 - 1973)

Spanish Artist Pablo Picasso is widely acknowledged to be the most important artist of the 20th century. A long-lived and highly prolific artist, he experimented with a wide range of styles and themes throughout his career. Among Picasso's many contributions to the history of art, his most important include pioneering the modern art movement called cubism, This was inventing collage as an artistic technique and developing assemblage (constructions of various materials) in sculpture. Because of his many innovations, Picasso is widely considered to be the most influential artist of the 20th century. The cubist movement, which he and Braque inspired, had a number of followers. It's innovations gave rise to a host of other 20th-century art movements, including futurism in Italy, suprematism and constructivism in Russia, de Stijl in the Netherlands, and vorticism in England. Cubism also influenced German expressionism, dada, and other movements as well as early work of the surrealists and abstract expressionists. In addition, collage and construction became key aspects of 20th-century art.


"Deux Enfants Assis" Lithograph by Pablo Picasso

Title: "Deux Enfants Assis" 478/500

Medium: Lithograph

Unframed Size: 30" x 22"

Asking Price: $1,900.00

"Scene Bacchique au Minotaure" Etching by Pablo Picasso

Title: "Scene Bacchique au Minotaure" 1933

Medium: Etching

Unframed Size: 11 5/8" x 14 3/8"

Framed Size: 29" x 31 3/8"

Asking Price: