Lebadang Bio

Lebadang Vietnamese (1921 -2015)

Lebadang was born in Bich-La-Dong, a village along the Huong River in Quang-Tri Province of Hue, Vietnam. He emigrated to France in 1939 to study at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse.

He had his first one-man show in Paris in 1950 and over the next thirty years gained prominence throughout France and Germany. He came to the attention of Americans in 1966 when the Cincinnati Art Museum hosted the first one-man exhibition of his paintings in the United States.

In his work Lebadang fuses the cultural interests of the Orient and Europe, creating graceful imagery in infinite variations of line, shape, and color. Lebadang is recognized as an accomplished printmaker, having worked extensively in the media of etching, lithography, and serigraphy. "Lebadangraphy" is his invention whereby he achieves harmony with a minimum of colors, using the same silkscreens several times. His work is in the Rockefeller Collection and the Phoenix Art Museum, among others. Most of Lebadangs lithographs have a Cirle Fine Art Chopmark.

Lebadang passed away in Paris on March 8, 2015, at the age of 94


"Les Chevaux" Limited Edition Print by Lebadang

Title: "Les Chevaux"

Medium: Lithograph

Unframed Size: 12" x 16"

Framed Size: 17" x 21"

Asking Price: $950.00 - Framed