Angelo Liberati Bio

Angelo Liberati, Italian (1946 - )

Angelo Liberati was born in Frascati (Rome) June 2, 1946. He began visiting the Studio of Italian-Argentinian Painter, Silvio Benedetto in 1964. This Studio was on Via del Babuino, an historic street between Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna. He frequented this area to also visit the leading galleries in the '60's (Galleria Due Mondi, Il Fante di Spade, L'Attico, La Nuova Pesa).

In 1970 he went to live in Sardinia, where, in contact with Sardinian neo-avant-gardes (Galleria Sinibaldi, Il Basilisco, Arte Duchamp), he developed a poetic style that combined rediscovery of the pictorial qualities with pop techniques (décollage and collage). His graphic works are influenced by Renzo Vespignani, a close friend for almost 20 years.

His works have been exhibited in galleries World Wide.


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