John Lennon Bio

John Lennon, British (1940 – 1980)

In his lifetime, John Lennon, the artist, remained an outsider to the art world, largely because of his fame as a Beatle and how he was viewed by the world as a result of it. In hindsight, that was fortunate, in the sense that it allowed his works to maintain their purity, free from comments and ‘suggestions’ by critics and dealers. He maintained his unique style, untouched by the trends.

John did his drawings with inspiration and speed, very much like how he created his songs. It was obvious that there was a strong, innate need for John to keep creating these works. Most of the time the drawings reflected his mood. Though once, when John was in a dark mood, I looked over his shoulder and found him drawing a very funny picture. Another time, John was in a happy mood, drawing a picture with black humor. Only John would do that, I thought. It was as though John was using the act of drawing to balance and unite his two minds – one, the dark and pessimistic, and the other, the joyful and optimistic. Along with his guitar, pen and paper seemed to have served as ideal tools to express John’s complex emotions.

Now, there is no difficulty in getting galleries to exhibit John’s artwork. In fact, some of his works have become part of the collections of major museums. I wonder what John would have thought of all that. He would have accepted it with his usual wry humor, maybe.



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