Dr. T. F. Chen Bio

Dr. T. F. Chen, Taiwanese (1936 - )

Dr. T. F. Chen was born in Japanese occupied Taiwan and Chen first entered the art studio at 14. He was awarded a scholarship in 1963 from the French government to study in Paris. He lived there for twelve years, earning his M.A. in French Contemporary Literature and Ph. D in Art History from the University of Paris (La Sorbonne), while simultaneously studying painting at L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts for seven years. He was the first Asian scholar to earn a Ph. D in modern art history from the La Sorbonne. It was there where he came up with the "Five - Dimensional World Culture" in theory (1969) and initiated "Neo-Iconography" in painting.

Chen is a painter, art historian, writer, philosopher, and founder of the T. F. Chen Cultural Center in NYC -- a non-profit organization focusing on international cultural exchange and a Global New Renaissance. Chen was given the Global Tolerance Award (2001, U. N.) and was chosen to be a "Cultural Ambassador for Tolerance and Peace" by the Friends of the United Nations.

Dr. Chen's career in the arts covers more than half a century. Chen has created over 1,000 paintings using his signature Neo-Iconography style and has published over a dozen books in English, Chinese and French that focus on his art and his theories of a New Renaissance. Listed as "one of the twenty most influential artists in the world today (Dr. Thomas McEvilley, art critic),"

Chen has put on more than 100 one-man exhibitions worldwide. Chen's works are featured in over two-hundred textbooks (including Arts & Ideas), countless articles, newspapers, art magazines, etc.; and are collected privately and publicly. In 2007-2008 Dr. Chen concentrated his exhibitions in China, enriched the content with "Temple of Heaven" and "Salute to the Beijing Olympics" Series while publishing "Dr. T.F. Chen's Art and the Olympics: an Art for Humanity" In 2010 he published "Post Van Gogh Series" and his bio was published by Business Weekly.

Chen was asked to paint 100 painting on Shanghai World Expo and has been invited to have one man shows at Expo. He has had worldwide media coverage on his Shanghai Expo Series. Chen's works are in many private and public collections, including those of the Museum of Modern art in Paris, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, and the White House.


"Love Above Confrontation" Serigraph by Dr. T. F. Chen

Title: "Love Above Confrontation"

Medium: Serigraph

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"Painting Irises" Serigraph by Dr. T. F. Chen

Title: "Painting Irises"

Medium: Serigraph

Unframed Size: 30" x 40"

Retail Price: $2,400.00 - Unframed

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