Diva Art Group - Terms of Use


If you are interested in purchasing artwork from DIVA ART GROUP, you should feel confident that DIVA ART GROUP has been in Fine Art Sales since 1993 and on line since 1995...promoting and selling fine art. If you do not see the artwork you desire on our site...ask us for it. We should be able to find it for you

See some of our terms for purchasing artwork on our site below:

We protect the seller by not shipping artwork to the buyer until the buyer has paid for the art. We protect the buyer, by not paying the seller until the buyer has received the artwork and approved it

If you make an offer, we consider it to be a commitment on your part, to purchase, if your offer is accepted. And as such, we will contact the seller and present your offer. Please do not make ridiculously low offers, as we cannot present them to our sellers. Please do not make offers unless you intend to honor them.

Our Live Sales Staff will present offers to the sellers in a timely and efficient manner. We will contact you by email or telephone with all updates.

If a price agreement is made between the buyer and the seller, DIVA ART GROUP will collect payment from the buyer. We will hold that payment until the transaction is complete. All payments must be in $USD, and can be made by bank wire, PayPal, American Express, Discover, Visa, or Mastercard. If you are a buyer outside of the US, you MUST pay by bank wire or a United States-based bank credit card.

Buyers are responsible for shipping costs, insurance and any customs duty or taxes. Sellers are responsible for packing or crating the artwork.

Buyers have 48 hours to inspect and approve that the purchase is 'as described'. Buyers should open and inspect the artwork and notify us of approval immediately. Buyers should save all packing materials and notify us of any discrepancy via email. If there has been damage in transit, you will need to take photos of the damaged artwork AND the packing materials upon unpacking. If we do not hear back from the buyer in the 48-hour time frame, we will assume that the artwork has arrived in tact and we will go forward with payment to the seller. The seller will be paid within 7 business days. We sell artwork only. See our Frame disclaimer below:

"The value of the artwork and asking price are based on unframed values. If framed, a seller may include the frame as a courtesy and as added protection in shipping. Keep in mind that the frames are typically older and they are considered used. Frame condition is AS IS and not considered in the insured value. No claim will be filed if there is damage to the frame."

As most of the asking prices on our site are near or below wholesale, we ask that you do your own research prior to making an offer. If you have a substantiated reason to believe a work is listed too high...please communicate that information and feel free to make an offer, based on your own research. Some of our sellers will negotiate the pricing, while others are firm. We will present any reasonable offers to our sellers, on the buyer’s behalf. The seller must provide accurate information on the artwork, including any available documentation.

Typographical Errors:

In the event that an item on the DIVA ART GROUP site is priced incorrectly, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order placed for this item at the incorrect price. DIVA ART GROUP reserves the right to refuse or cancel any such order, even if the order has been confirmed and payment has been made by the buyer DIVA ART GROUP will issue refund via the original payment method. We are not infallible and mistakes can happen.


If you are interested in selling your artwork on line, you should be aware that DIVA ART GROUP has been in Fine Art Sales since 1993 and on line since 1995...promoting and selling fine art. This site can expose your artwork to clients World Wide.

See our terms for listing artwork on our site below:

FIRST you MUST register to list artwork on our site for sale.

SECOND you may list any artwork and submit it for approval to Diva Art Group. If the listing needs nothing else, it will be placed on line for sale. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted and that information or photos will be requested.

When you list artwork with DIVA ART GROUP, you agree to the following:

not to list the same items on DIVA ART GROUP and e-Bay or Craig's List.

to advise DIVA ART GROUP, should you have new contact information. We must be able to contact you in case of an offer on your artwork.

to reply to the consignment emails sent out 1-4 times a year to verify the continued availability of your artwork.

to pay for all packing charges unless other arrangements are made with the buyer and DIVA ART GROUP

to accept the payment for your artwork AFTER it has been received by the buyer and confirmed that it is 'as described' in your ad

to have the artwork returned to you via COD for the round-trip freight charges, if the artwork arrives with previously undisclosed damage or irregularity in the artwork, not caused in transit.

to accept the seller commission rate below at time of sale

DIVA ART GROUP retains 25% of the Total Sale Price for all artwork UNDER $3,000.00.

DIVA ART GROUP retains 20% of the Total Sale Price for all artwork OVER $3,000.00.

DIVA ART GROUP retains 15% of the Total Sale Price for all artwork OVER $40,000.00.

DIVA ART GROUP retains 10% of the Total Sale Price for all artwork OVER $90,000.00

DIVA ART GROUP MINIMUM COMMISSION is $300.00 for ANY artwork sold.

By checking the “I Agree to the Terms” box on our registration page, you are agreeing to all the Terms and Conditions of our site and they are not limited to the following: Sellers agree to provide all necessary information and documentation to DIVA ART GROUP and to sell the true and correct item, as submitted in your listing. Buyers agree that an offer placed with us is a contract to purchase. Please be certain before you make an offer to purchase. If you have further questions, please email sandy@divart.com and see the following pages: Buying Art and Selling Art

updated 01/15/2019