Jules Moigniez Bio

Jules Moigniez (1834 - 1894)

Jules Moigniez was born in Senlis, France. He was a student of Paul Comolera, who was known for his modeling of birds and domestic farm animals. Moigniez’s attraction to bird sculpture from his studies under his teacher and his most prevalent subjects were game birds, but he also enjoyed sculpting dogs, horses and equestrian groups.

At the age of 20, Moigniez made his recorded debut at an exhibit at the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1855. He exhibited a plaster titled “Pointer Stopping at a Pheasant”. He continued to exhibit regularly at the annual Salons from 1859 to 1892, where he showed a total of thirty works. He also exhibited in England at the London International Exhibition of 1862 and was awarded a medal. Moigniez found a very receptive audience in England and became very fashionable. It is estimated that up to half of his career’s output was exported to Britain. Moigniez also experienced success in France and America as well, where the majority of his game bird sculptures were sold.

Most of Moigniez’s bronze sculptures were cast by his father, who was a metal gilder. It is believed that his father established his bronze foundry in 1857 for the sole purpose of casting his son’s work. The Moigniezs’ were constantly experimenting with new finishes. Many of Moigniez’s bronzes were gilded, silver-plated or had very unusual patinas applied to them.

In 1869, Moigniez became very ill and never recovered. He produced no new pieces of work after his illness until he took his own life in 1894. Moigniez continued to cast his son’s work after his death. Upon his father’s death, the foundry as well as all the plasters and models were sold to Auguste George, who cast most of Paul’s Comolera’s works. George continued to produce Moigniez’s bronze sculpture until after the First World War, when the animalier bronzes fell out of style.

Jules Moigniez was a successful animal sculptor in the 19th century who produced many bronze sculpture of birds, dogs and other domestic animals.


"Épagneul au Faisain“ Bronze Sculpture by Jules Moingiez

Title: "Épagneul au Faisain“

Sculpture Medium: Bronze Sculpture on Marble Base

Dimensions: 16.14” x 21.65” x 7.87”

Asking Price: $3,000.00

"Untitled" Eagle Bronze Sculpture by Jules Moigniez

Title: "Untitled" Eagle

Sculpture Medium: Bronze Sculpture

Dimensions: 30" High

Retail Price: $6,000.00

Asking Price: $2,875.00