Leonel Maciel Bio

Leonel Maciel, Mexican (1939 - )

Born in Petatlan, Mexico, Leonel Maciel studies at the Esmeralda School of Painting, Sculpture and Print in Mexico City. He is an established Mexican artist who has achieved International fame. His work is marked by brilliant colors, strong lines and a certain naivete.

Mario Monteforte Toledo has said of his work: "An art like that of Maciel's, reaffirms and revives faith in the eternal values of the country, not only those of the art world, but of the culture in general. This work is, above all else, a global expression of culture. Here there isn't folklore, chauvinism, or obvious message. This is baroque art that initiates thought and a desire to know and enrich the knowledge of society."


"Untitled" Original Oil/Canvas by Leonel Maciel

Title: "Untitled"

Medium: Original Oil/Canvas

Unframed Size: 39" x 31 1/2"

Framed Size: 43" x 35 1/2"

Retail Price: $5,500.00 - Unframed

Asking Price: $4,400.00 - Framed