Angel Botello Bio

Angel Botello, Spanish ( 1913-1986)

Angel Botello was a painter, printmaker and sculptor born in 1913 in the small town of Cangas de Morrazo in Galicia, Spain. He moved to Bordeaux, France with his family in the 20's and lived there until 1935.

While in France, Angel Botello studied for four years at the School of Fine Arts where he graduated with honors. Then, Botello moved to back Spain where he applied and was accepted at the School of Art of the San Fernando Academy.

During the Spanish Civil War Botello left his studies and joined the Republican Army as a cartographer. After the war ended Botello and his family decided to move to the Dominican Republic where he was warmly received. The community of Dominican artists and art collectors included him as one of their own and many of the paintings created at this time were presented at the "Latin American Art Exposition" at the Riverside Museum in 1940.

The Botello family traveled to Cuba and then Haiti where Angel met and married his wife Christine. They stayed in Haiti for 10 years where he became increasingly recognized and critically acclaimed. His Haitian landscapes and figure studies are considered to be some of his best works. In Haiti, Botello developed his artistic career of woodworking and he's considered the father of the Haitian wood carvings.

In 1953 Botello moved his family to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where they would reside permanently. By this time, he already had gained international recognition in the world of plastic arts. The family opened their first art gallery at the Caribe Hilton Hotel. Later, they established a second art gallery at Old San Juan.

In the 1960's, Botello became interested in printmaking techniques and he traveled to Paris, to study and become a master of the technique. Some of his best printmaking works are his linocuts, lithographs and serigraphs. Then in the beginning of 1980's, Botello started another artistic career in sculpture working in large format and alone.

The 33 years that Botello lived in Puerto Rico, is considered the most prolific period in his artistic career, in terms of the quality of his paintings and sculptures and the quantity of artwork produced and art mediums used. This artistic period of Botello in Puerto Rico has a strong figurative and surrealism influence and is the period that most recognition produced to the artist. This period is know in Puerto Rico as the "Botellian Style" and is recognized by his caricature figures, especially girls.

Angel Botello died in San Juan, Puerto Rico on November 11, 1986 leaving behind an impressive legacy of oil paintings, lithographs, linocuts, serigraphs and bronze sculptures. His former house located at Hato Rey, Puerto Rico now is an art gallery where it displays his paintings, sculptures and artwork of other . LISTINGS WANTED BY DIVA ART GROUP


"Untitled" Portrait Original Oil on Masonite by Angel Botello

Title: "Untitled"

Medium: Oil on Masonite

Unframed Size: 31" x 19"

Framed Size: 39" x 28"

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