Vladimir Kush Bio

Vladimir Kush, Russian (1965 - )

Vladimir Kush was Born in Moscow in 1965 and began his formal art education at age 7, which culminated in his graduation from the Moscow Higher Art and Craft School. Then after his required military service, he attended and graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts. He gained success in exhibitions in Russia and in Europe and then in 1990 he made his way to the US.

Eventually he moved to Hawaii, where he was 'discovered'. Now his artwork is represented in galleries Worldwide, especially in Maui, Laguna Beach and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kush's work combines myth, metaphor and poetry in new forms. Through the juxtaposition of previously unrelated objects and the exploration of different viewpoints, the artist's work makes reference to deeper meanings and metaphors, while still maintaining its realistic approach to representation, a style he refers to as Metaphorical Realism.

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"Millennium Watchman" Giclee on Canvas by Vladimir Kush

Title: "Millennium Watchman"

Medium: giclee on canvas

Unframed Size: 14"x16"

Framed Size: 25"x27"

Asking Price: $2,250.00

"Sunrise By The Ocean" Giclee on Canvas by Vladimir Kush

Title: "Sunrise By The Ocean"

Medium: Giclee on Canvas

Unframed Size: 21" x 25"

Framed Size: 30" x 34"

Asking Price: $9,500.00