Daniel Gonzalez Poblete Bio

Daniel Gonzalez Pobletem Spanish (1944 - )

Daniel Gonzalez Pobletem was born in Spain in 1944....then fifteen years later, in 1959, he enters fully into the world of painting as a copyist in the Museo del Prado in Madrid. There he copied artist's work like as Vázquez Díaz.

Poblete studied at the school of Arts and crafts, where he was awarded numerous prizes for drawing. He has been a teacher of drawing and also considered a master of color. He is one of present days most important figurative artists. No one else has been able to discover the secrets of the play of light and ultimately, the art of interpreting life through painting, His paintings are a pure technical exercise; He easily captures the flicker of flames, the soft reflection of rain flowing on glass and the caress of a distant light.

His works have toured the World with exhibitions in Madrid, Paris, London, Chicago, Lisbon, Brussels, Australia, Mexico, Venezuela and more.


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