Leonardo Nierman Bio

Leonardo Nierman Mexican (1932 - )

Leonardo Nierman was born in Mexico City in 1932. From early childhood he showed great interest in drawing and music. In 1951 he received his Bachelor degree in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Mexico. Later he studied the Psychology of Color and the Harmony of Form in Space, both static and dynamic. These studies were instrumental in shaping up his vision of non-objective interpretation of nature and, in doing so, they launched him on a search for relationship between abstract art and the cosmic phenomena.

His works are collected world wide, by not only individuals, but corporations, museums and galleries. In 1952 he painted a mural at the School of Commerce of the University City in Mexico. The University of Mexico awarded him an Honorary Degree in 1960. The Museum of Modern Art in Mexico acquired his paintings "SOLAR SYSTEM" and "TENEMENT" in 1962. From this time, until today the global community of collectors of his works are so numerous it would take 6 pages to list them all.

Leonardo became a Life Fellow of "THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF THE ARTS" in London and was awarded the Palme D'Or des Beaux Arts of Monaco. City of Chicago proclamation, Office of the Mayor, proclaimed December 19, 2002 "Leonardo Nierman Day in Chicago". He received the "Gloria Award" in 2003 from


"Night Flight" Original Oil on Canvas by Leonardo Nierman

Title: "Night Flight"

Medium: Original Oil/Board

Unframed Size: 24" x 16"

Framed Size: 29.5" x 22"

Asking Price: $4,700.00 - Framed

"REFLECTIONS"   Original watercolor by Leonardo Nierman

Title: "Reflections"

Medium: Water Color on Artist Paper

Unframed Size: 13" x 10"

Framed Size: 23" x 16"

Asking Price: $2,500.00 - Framed