Charles Ray Bragg Bio

Charles Ray Bragg, American (1931 - 2017 )

Charles Ray Bragg who was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1931. He is an American sculptor, painter, artist and author. He is known best for his satirical work and unique style. He is known as America's "Foremost social satire artist."

Both of Bragg’s parents were Vaudeville performers, so he spent most of his young life traveling on tour with them. During his teenage years, he went to New York's High School of Music and Art in Harlem. At 18, he ran away with his high school sweetheart, fellow artist, Jennie Tomao. Before pursuing art, Bragg worked as a cab driver, a truck driver, a stand-up comedian, and a factory worker. He finally settled in California where he began his artistic career. He started by painting portraits of wealthy families, as well as offering lessons.

Eventually he began to pursue his own creative works and with that success began for him as an artist.. His works satirized the nature of the society he viewed. This success came from the humor and satirical style of his work. His political beliefs and opinions are very prevalent in his work. He has often referred to himself as "devoted student of the human race" and an "observer." His works have been showcased in museums and exhibits around the world, and has been commissioned by Playboy Magazine. PBS made a documentary about him called "Charles Bragg - One of a Kind." He has published a book on his work, "Charles Bragg: The Works! A Retrospective."


"F**k Communism" Etching by Charles Ray Bragg

Title: "F**k Communism"

Medium: Etching

Unframed Size: Paper Size: 14.75" x 11.625"

Asking Price: $1,200.00 - Unframed

"Plastic Surgeon" Limited Edition Etching by Charles Bragg

Title: "Plastic Surgeon"

Medium: Etching

Unframed Size: 6" x 8" | 15 x 20 cm

Framed Size: 16.5" x 15.25" | 42 x 39 cm

Asking Price: $950.00 - Framed