Ian Tremewen Bio

Ian Tremewen, Canadian (1954 - )

Now based in Australia, contemporary watercolourist Ian Tremewen was born in Montreal, Canada. Much of his life has been spent in the Caribbean and Hawaiian tropics. Ian's work reflects the interest he feels for light, space and shadow working in sculpture, contemporary glass and textiles.

Tremewen was surrounded by art at a very early age; influenced by his parents (both artists), creative expression was a predominant force in his upbringing. He was encouraged to draw and paint, but never forced. Through this guidance his passion for art grew. He attended Vancouver College and studied fine art and architecture. In his early works he experimented with ceramics, woods, watercolors and papers and has held on to watercolors as a favorite medium.

Tremewen's affection for the freedom of expression in art has propelled him to try a myriad of themes and test the boundaries of what you can do with transparent watercolors. His barn series as well as his rainforest series stretch the standard of watercolor's. He uses a variation on a theme approach to the series that is to him experimenting with color, patterns, and texture with watercolor involving rainforests, barns, and nautical themes. These themes can be seen in his use of watercolors both transparent and textured...the rainforest alive, such an important place.

As an artist Tremewen has experimented with varied mediums and styles while retaining a very personal style seen throughout his works. He speaks of the vision of a painting rather than overanalyzing the work itself.

Ian Tremewen's talents are represented in awards, publications, and public, corporate, and private collections. Several of his corporate collections are Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and Art, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Kaiser Permanente. His awards include the S.O.S. Festival Gold Medal/Bond University, Australia, Art Maui Poster Award and Suncorp Biennial and an original artwork cover on Point Out Magazine and Parkroyal Brochures.

His original works are in many personal collections throughout the World.


"Rainforest" Original Watercolor on paper by Ian Tremewen

Title: "Rainforest"

Medium: Watercolor

Unframed Size: 30" x 23"

Asking Price: $925.00