Isaac Maimon Bio

Isaac Maimon, Israeli (1951 - )

The women of Paris are cultured, stylish, sensual and beautiful. And they are the inhabitants of the canvases of artist Isaac Maimon. Their subtle curves, their mysterious smiles and their impeccable fashions are portrayed in his iconic paintings of Parisian cafe society, paintings that are created with masterful lines and inspired strokes of color.

Maimon was born in Israel in 1951 and attended the Avni Institute of Fine Art in Tel Aviv, Israel’s most prestigious academy for the arts. He was very much influenced by such famed French painters as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Henri Matisse. Maimon also found motivation in the work of his fellow Israelis, taking additional inspiration from painters Haim Kiva and Moshe Rosenthalis during his studies.

In 1980, he started teaching at the School of Visual Arts in Beer-Sheeba and later that year the Kaye Art Academy. He was also a professor at the Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheeba in the late 1980s..

Maimon also a restaurateur and pub owner he would sketch at the back table during his breaks from tending bar and managing his restaurant. “I have always been attracted to the atmosphere of coffee houses,” he says. “I try to recreate this in my paintings.”

His art is currently held in private and public collections and can be seen at art exhibitions and galleries throughout the world.

As for Isaac Maimon, he has a simple explanation for his work’s appeal. When art lovers enter his world, they “feel relaxed and connect with the scene. They can forget their everyday problems and become emerged in the romantic fantasy.”


"Brigitte & Noelle" Suite of Original Acrylics on Canvas by Isaac Maimon

Title: "Brigitte and Noelle Suite"

Medium: Original Paintings on Canvas

Unframed Size: 18" x 22.375" each

Framed Size: 25" x 29" each

Asking Price: $5,995.00 - for both framed works