Italo Scanga Bio

Italo Scanga, Italian (1932- 2001)

Italo Scango was born in Lago, Calabria Italy to Giuseppe and Serafina Ziccarelli, youngest of four children. He came to live in the United States when he was a teenager and yet, his Italian heritage imbues his work, especially in his subject matter. We see statues, ancient pottery, cypress trees, and lush Italian landscapes. In addition, his use of color and shimmering light effects are magnificent.

According to curator Paul Tomady: "Italo Scanga draws upon a wealth of material meshing memories with objects to form seductive patterns of recollection and re-creation. His work is best seen cumulatively, as disjointed but richly embroidered autobiographical fiction. Although primarily a sculptor, his work is much sought-after in every medium he explores because his honest, starkly emotional, often playful style translates to any material without distortion"


"Calabrian Jug" 1990 Original Acrylic on Paper by Italo Scanga

Title: "Calabrian Jug" 1990

Medium: Original Acrylic on Heavy Thick Paper

Unframed Size: 47,5: x 31.5: - 121 x 80 cm

Framed Size: 52.5" x 36.5" - 133 x 93 cm

Asking Price: $7,500.00 - Framed