Walter Farndon Bio

Walter Farndon, British/American (1876 – 1964)

Walter Farndon was a New England plein-air painter best-known for impasto, Impressionist, sometimes near-Expressionist harbor and shore scenes, though he also painted portraits and figures. Born in Coventry, England, Farndon came to the United States, studying at the National Academy of Design, where he was later elected an Associate in 1928, and an Academician in 1937. He also studied with Robert Henri, and was a member of the Society of Independent Artists. He painted in Ridgefield, New Jersey in the 1920s.

Living and working in an era of passionate and often controversial changes in the art world, Walter Farndon managed to retain the essential pleasure of creation. Called “The Painter’s Painter” in New York circles, he captured some of America’s most dramatic scenery, particularly the Eastern seaboard - from New Jersey to Nova Scotia - in a bold, intimate style. His works continue to be sought after at auction to this day.


Walter Farndon Untitled Original double sided Oil on Board painting

Title: "Untitled"

Medium: Oil on board DOUBLE SIDED PAINTING

Unframed Size: 14" x 18"

Framed Size: 18" x 22"

Asking Price: $4,995.00 - Framed