Michael Orr Bio

Michael Orr, American (1954 - )

Artist Michael L. Orr was born in 1954 in Burlingame, California. Early on he possessed an aptitude for art. He began his career at the age of sixteen, selling welded metal sculpture creations professionally. In 1972 he moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy. Throughout his career as a professional Pharmacist, Michael continued to produce artwork in many forms including oil painting, sculpture, etc.

In 1995 Michael's creative path led him to study the art of glass blowing. After a few classes he discovered a real passion and talent for the art form. In 1998 he purchased the gallery/ studio in Hawaii from his former teacher, John Walsh. Fully devoting his energies to glass he has earned in a short time an excellent local reputation. Michael credits his love for the ocean and the organic forms found in nature for his creations in glass. He is also an admirer of the clean lines and elegant ornamentation found in Japanese art.


Hand-Blown Glass on Machined Airplane Grade Aluminum

Title: "Untitled" Hand-Blown Floral Glass Sculpture on Aluminum Mount

Sculpture Medium: Hand-Blown Glass on Machined Airplane Grade Aluminum

Dimensions: 6' x 4' x 3' Base Size

Retail Price: $25,000.00

Asking Price: $10,500.00