Angelo Basso Bio

Angelo Basso, Italian (1943 - 2011)

In the Baroque tradition of his country, renowned Italian sculptor Angelo Basso has brought to contemporary figurative sculpture an imported contribution. Known for the rich, flowing movement of his sculptures, Basso has exhibited his work worldwide and has received many prestigious awards and commissions.

Self-taught, he started sculpting at an early age, revealing a distinctive style, in which his profound knowledge of thehuman anatomy and his mastery in creating it in bronze are evident. He gave his first solo exhibition at age eighteen. A prolific artist, Basso has created numerous images, mostly inspired by the female figure. Looking at Basso's sculptures, one can immediately understand the feelings that moved the artist to create them.

His idealization of the female figure projects a beautiful woman, elegant, proud and confident, yet at the same time soft and gentle, captured in magic moments of life and in the delicate grace of courtly dance.

What makes Basso's work compelling is the artistry with which he creates the fluid movement of his figures, and the complete technical mastery he employs in the execution of every one of his images. Basso's sculptures are executed with the utmost attention to detail and employ materials of the highest quality.


"Primavera" Bronze Sculpture by Angelo Basso

Title: "Primavera"

Sculpture Medium: Bronze Sculpture

Dimensions: 25" High

Asking Price: $6,900.00 - Client is open to a reasonable offer