Martin Eichinger Bio

Martin Eichinger, American (1949 - )

Martin Eichinger studied design and anatomy at Ferris State University, did post graduate work in sculpture at Michigan State University, and pursued independent studies of classical sculpture in Europe. Eichinger has won numerous awards and competitions including a Kellogg Internship and NEA grants. Martin Eichinger opened his first studio in Michigan in 1972. In 1985 Martin relocated to the Northwest.

Martin Eichinger is known for several public monumental works. His most significant is a 16-foot cast bronze for Lansing, Michigan. Other recent and notable commissioned works include the Columbus Quincentennial high relief plaque for “Spain ‘92” a plaque and bust of President Ronald Reagan, and a sculpture to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Tenth Mountain Division of the United States Army.

The characters Eichinger creates are alive in the mind of the artist and it shows in the sculptures that come from Martin's hands. Each mythic sculpture has a personality, a unique story to tell, a wink of humor, a hint of tragedy or Martin Eichigner's philosophy. Martin has placed many of his sculpture studies on the edge of possibility without losing their sense of grace. In particular, Eichinger's studies of characters from an imaginary circus are magically balanced on this edge. Marty Eichinger and his bronze circus were recently guests of Prince Rainier of Monaco at Festival International du Cirque.

Martin Eichinger does not refer to himself as a figurative sculptor even though he clearly has a profound sense of human anatomy. “I am a narrative artist. The language I use is form and anatomy, but what I am interested in is emotion and motion.” His sculptures are evidence of a visionary who has something positive and eternal to say with his talent.

One of Eichinger's recent works are a group of sculptures titled “The Dream Series.” They suggest fantasies that we all find passing through our consciousness.


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